Mike Hancock leaves the Lib Dems

September 19, 2014 5:15 PM
By Sal Brinton

I see that Lib Dem Voice has reported that Mike Hancock has left the party after the formal investigation into his behaviour has started, but not concluded. If it is true that this ends the complaints procedure because he is no longer a party member, this is just plain wrong. It gives anyone not wishing to answer a complaint the chance to walk away, and our rules need to be changed to take this into account. It also demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of justice - if he was a party member when the alleged behaviour took place, a hearing should still happen, and if he chooses not to attend the panel should take that into account when coming to its decision.
Whilst it is important for LDV to highlight this report, if it is true, the English Party need to make clear, as a matter of urgency, what process they are undertaking. Otherwise, it will appear that the party gives members charged with inappropriate behaviour or bringing the party into disrepute the chance to walk away, and those affected by the alleged behaviour no chance of justice. http://www.libdemvoice.org/mike-hancock-mp-quits-lib-dems-42472.html