Jo Grimond launched Scottish Lib Dem rally & reminded us about Liberals and devolution

September 14, 2014 11:29 AM
By Sal Brinton

Jo Grimond in early party political broadcast on devolution
The Scottish Lib Dems had a wonderful and revitalising rally on Thursday evening in Edinburgh. Jeremy Purvis, who put the evening together, had Jo Grimond start the evening off - a grainy early party political broadcast, in which he reminded us that Devolution is the wrong word. What we must do is always to have power at the lowest level possible, and hand it upwards where that makes sense. Devolution implies that power is handed down graciously from the top. Whatever the vote next week, we need to widen the debate and start to really discuss where and how all the people make the decisions about their lives.

Having returned from Scotland on Friday, I am returning tomorrow until after Polling Day, because the Scotland and the rest of the UK will be better if they remain together. Come and help us if you can - there's a great by-election feel to the campaign now, and all to play for.