• Lynne
    Article: Nov 5, 2014
    By Sal Brinton

    Norman Baker's departure from the Home Office marks an exceptional four and a half years as a Minister. His term at the Dept of Transport meant that public transport had a champion against the Tory indifference. His year at the Home Office has produced the drugs report published last week. I understand he had to fight hard to get it published.

  • Article: Oct 3, 2014
    By Sal Brinton

    Going into any new post in an organisation where there are problems, identified or not, it is important to break down activity from the start. These are my initial Action Points, saying what I want to see, and how it will be done, and when that work will start.

    First ten days:

    1. I want to change the rules so someone cannot walk away from a complaints procedure and then re-join quietly some months later. It is clear that the current process is not working. I will ask for urgent report on recent, and outstanding or delayed complaints or disciplinary cases to come to first new Federal Executive (FE) meeting, (anonymised to keep confidentiality) but identifying problems, lessons learned and good practice, with proposals for improvement.
    2. I will change the disciplinary procedures to make sure that they cannot be used to bully or harass members, candidates or members of staff. I will check that the Morissey Report and other legal constitutional changes approved by FE and Federal Conference have been fully implemented.
    3. I will make sure that the party leaders are all clear on strategy and message in the run up to the General Election I will meet the Leader, Welsh and Scottish Leaders, the three State Chairs/Convenor, Chairs of Federal Committees, SAOs and staff to ask for their actions & key priorities & how this fits in with FE strategy and work plan.
    4. I want to see decisions passed by Conference and FE implemented, not just allowed to drift. I will insist on timetables for any outstanding or delayed issues to ensure things do not drift into the long grass, by setting clear monitoring deadlines, and I will hold people responsible for them to account.
    5. I want to see ALDC lead on rebuilding our local government base, and I will propose a realistic increase of funding for them to do this. I want to see them able to work with states/regions and local parties to build our ability to fight local elections, especially in areas where we have few or no councillors, developing on their track record with council groups.