• Sal Brinton
    Article: Sep 1, 2017
    In Ad Lib

    Like many of you, I have just returned from my first break since the General Election, and I hope that you are refreshed and ready for a busy political autumn.

    I wrote to you a few weeks ago to let you know that Tim Gordon, our Chief Executive, had announced that he was leaving the party after nearly five years.

    I wanted today to let you know about the process for appointing his successor.

    We will be advertising in September, just before Conference, and plan to interview candidates in the late autumn, with an announcement before Christmas, even if the successful candidate can't start till early 2018.

    As a result, the Federal Board decided to appoint an interim Chief Executive, and I'm delighted to say that Nick Harvey has now been appointed.

    The Board felt that it was important to have an interim in post because we have to prepare for a possible snap election (whether this year or next year) even if we feel it is unlikely, as well ensuring that Vince Cable and his team hit the ground running.

    If you haven't booked for Federal Conference in Bournemouth you can do so here.

    With a new Leader fighting for Exit from Brexit, as well as debates on The Paris Climate Change Agreement, Safe Building Standards for Homes and Protecting Small Businesses, many excellent fringe events and party training sessions, it promises to be an inspiring few days.

    I also always love the less official events, and look forward to seeing you at Glee Club on the Monday evening to sing Climb Every Staircase and other Liberal and Lib Dem anthems.

    Finally, there is a pro-EU/anti Brexit march on Saturday 9 September.

    There will be a large Lib Dem contingent and if you are attending, do sign up here.

    We need to show that we are still the only major party that is consistently fighting for our place in Europe, and under Vince's leadership this march will be a very public way of showing that.

  • Article: Jun 30, 2017

    Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking up for disabled children in the Queen's Speech debate in the House of Lords, talking specifically about Nascot Lawn (a few doors down from our house) which the NHS are now proposing to close down.

    After the debate the Minister agreed to meet with me and parents to discuss the closure and more widely, the support available for disabled children that is being cut everywhere. We have friends who have used Nascot Lawn for years. It is truly a lifeline.